On Choosing Belief -- A Scenario

Here's a scenario:

You work at Company X. You've been there for three years, and you've always gotten along well with your coworkers. You work with a man, Abraham, who every month runs out of money. Every month Abe asks to borrow $20 from you until payday. You've always lent Abe the money and he's always paid you back. Sometimes before payday.

But at any time you could decide to not lend Abe the money. It likely wouldn't have anything to do with whether you thought he'd pay you back. Maybe some month you didn't have enough to lend. Anyway, you don't lend him the money. That doesn't mean you didn't have faith that he'd pay you back if you had lent him the money.

This is part one.

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M.Filly said...

I already find myself wondering how he can manage to pay me back before payday if he's "out of money." However, possible dishonesty about the reason for needing the money does not necessarily outweigh the fact that he has never failed to repay me. I also find myself wondering if I'm the only person he does this with.